After countless cases like this, I thought I would give some of you a heads up. We don’t recommend anyone ever solicit a prostitute, but if you do, remember the following. If she has sneakers on, she is probably a cop and it’s probably a sting. This way if she thinks you are dangerous, she can run from you. Or if you run, she can help the other cops catch you. In that un-marked van across the street are 5 male Officers waiting for her signal to come in and arrest you. I just had a client tell me he did not solicit the women Officer. After he heard the audio tape of himself from the microphone in the Officer’s shirt, we resolved the case quietly. Thus, look out of sneakers and small microphones. 🙂


“The Cop was a Jerk.” I hear this every day and I believe it’s true. But remember, if the officer had to follow you for a quarter-mile or more until you noticed him in your rearview mirror, he may be unhappy. He also doesn’t know if you are a good guy or a serial killer so he’s very tense when he approaches you. You might be guilty of “contempt of cop,” which happens when you don’t do whatever it is an officer wants you to do when he wants you to do it. Regardless, it is not a good idea for you to act in a similar manner. Rudeness of the cop is not a defense, so give a mad dog two bones and be extra nice. You won’t win an argument on the street with the officer, so call us and let us fight with him.