Fight Your Florida Ticket for Running a Stop Sign

You didn’t see anyone coming and you’re in a rush, you assume it’s safe to roll past that stop sign but Hollywood, FL police was waiting for you. It’s a costly mistake as stop sign tickets in Broward County can be almost $300 in addition to points on your driver license. 

The logical thing to do is simply pay the ticket and take the added points to your license and watch your insurance rates increase. The right thing to do is contact the Traffic Ticket Team, we have analyzed many stop sign ticket cases and identified there are a few factors that are crucial in this case:

  • Visibility of the limit line on the road
  • Visibility of the actual stop sign

Take these things into consideration and call us today, the legal team at Traffic Ticket Team is always ready to help and you may have a chance the stop sign ticket being dismissed.

Call us at (954) 967-9888 for your fast, free, and no obligation phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when you hire The Traffic Ticket Team we work hard to get your stop sign ticket dismissed. If not, you will most likely see a reduced fine with no points or traffic school.

Yes! Call us and we will review your case and you will know right away if we can help you, from there we do all the work. We go to court in Hollywood and then we will provide you the results of your case.

Yes, it is considered a moving violation.

The burden is not on you, you are still innocent. The courts will have to prove that you did not stop. Call Traffic Ticket Team today and we will give you a free consultation on your stop sign ticket.

If you were pulled over in Hollywood for running a stop sign, make sure you are courteous to the officer and then once you are free to go, call Traffic Ticket Team. We will fight that ticket and protect your rights using all of our experience.