Hollywood Suspended License Violations

A suspended license is no joke, the complication of normal daily life ensues and it can get worse if additional criminal violations are added on top of it. If you have a suspended license in Hollywood, there are many reasons for why this may be including but not limited to:

  • DUI offense
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Not paying insurance
  • Not paying traffic tickets
  • Too many points on driver license

In countless cases, people are usually surprised to find out that their license is suspended for no mal-intent just simply forgetting to pay a fine or car insurance. Our suggestion is to avoid driving at all cost once you become aware of your license situation. If that time has passed and you have been arrested for driving with a suspended license in Hollywood, FL please call Traffic Ticket Team as soon as possible. Our experienced legal team is ready to build your defense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We handle it all over the phone, simply submit your information online or call our local Hollywood office at (954) 967-9888

If you were driving on a suspended license and were aware its possible you might go to jail, call Traffic Ticket Team right away so we can review your case.

One of two things pay the ticket or call Traffic Ticket Team to fight for you.

It all depends but if you were aware then yes you will.

The intent is what matters people have their license suspended and are unaware which is not criminal but if you are aware it is. Call Traffic Ticket Team to review your case.