U-Turn Tickets Lawyers Hollywood Florida

If you can safely make a U-turn it doesn’t necessarily mean its legal, and if you found yourself getting pulled over in Hollywood, Fl for an illegal U-Turn don’t just pay the ticket. You will be admitting to guilt if you do possibly adding points to your license and thus increasing your insurance rates.

Call us today for a free consultation to cover the details of your case, Traffic Ticket Team has handled many illegal U-turn ticket cases and we are ready to fight that ticket. We have a 99% success rate at keeping points off our customer’s licenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. The recommended thing to do is call Traffic Ticket Team and get no points and no driving school guaranteed or your money back.
  2. OR Pay the red light ticket and get 3-5 points on your drivers license
  3. OR Pay the red light ticket then go to traffic school for an entire day, in order to avoid the points

No, you should not ignore the ticket. There are ‘fatal flaws’ mistakes in the eyes of the court that can possibly dismiss the ticket and then there are smaller mistakes that can be disregarded but no matter a Hollywood ticket should not be ignored and taking care of it as soon as possible is important. Call Traffic Ticket Team for a free consultation.

Call us Traffic Ticket Team and we will discuss your u-turn ticket for free, we are local to Hollywood and if we can help you we will give you the best options.