I Got Arrested for DUI Even Though I Was Not Drinking. I Was on Xanax Which I Have a Legal Prescription to Use.

Michael Masters, Gainesville.

Michael, this happens to a lot of people and they all have the same reaction. But, it does not matter that your prescription was legal. Think about it, alcohol is legal and you can’t drive drunk. The DUI laws state, in part, that you can’t be under the influence of drugs or alcohol “to the extent your normal faculties are impaired.” This means that regardless of the drug (pot included), you can’t drive while taking ANY drugs or alcohol if it impairs your normal ability to drive. The good news is that the only way they can prove you were on drugs (other than alcohol) is if you provide a urine or blood sample, which you are not legally obliged to give if you are ever get arrested for DUI (as long as there is no serious bodily injury or death).