From May 20 to June 2, cops are going to be having a field day. The NHTSA click it or ticket campaign is in effect. This means that you must have your young children in approved child seats and everyone who sits in the front must wear a seat belt.

There are no points assessed to your license for not wearing a seat belt, but you will get three points if your infant is not in a car seat. So be safe and always wear your seat belt.


The new law goes into effect on October 1, 2013. The new law prohibits texting while driving. However, if you are stopped in traffic or at a red light or stop sign, you can still text. The new law makes texting and driving a secondary offense. This means that you can’t get pulled over for texting and driving. You must first get pulled over for a primary offense (like speeding) and if the cop sees you texting, you will get a second ticket. The fine is $30 for the first offense and $60 for the second offense, but no points on your license. FYI, the Florida seat belt law started as a secondary offense and three years later, it became a primary offense. Every day, 4 teenagers in the U.S. is killed in a car accident while texting and driving. The new texting law seems a bit weak, but it’s a good start in saving the lives of thousands.

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